Saturday, April 28, 2007

For fun

This post is just for fun. My partner and I worked our asses off for one of our course. And our efforts did not go down the drain. This comic strip is ours. The title of our research paper was "The Role of Online Social Networks in Providing Positive Psychological Support to the Emotionally Depressed". Thus our main character suffered from depression. Haha.

We were told to get creative and this was how we presented our work. Haha. It was quite a fun way to do so I guess. Anyway, my favorite scene is the one where the main character stands on top of the building and looks down. The tiny cars and humans below are just so cute. Hee. Oh well, that's just a pretty good experience.


Kevin said...

It's beautiful... can I have you draw one for me too? :P

joanne said...

Haha. Thanks Kevin. Hmmm, I'll see what i can come up with..haha.